Everything is Energy


Having spent most of her working life in the South of India and having a close connection with the Heritage Village Project in Manipal, Neelanjana was involved with the study and restoration of age old structures in the region. This aided her in understanding the principles of Vaastu, which is an ancient Indian science, used for planning of spaces and structures.

She learnt the nuances of this ancient science through the study of the residential structures which were dismantled, restored and recreated at the Heritage Village, under the patronage of Mr. Vijaynath Shennoy and her mentors Mr. Harish Pai and Mr. Rajesh Pai who were also involved with the project.

The knowledge of Vaastu and its effects on harmonious living were ingrained in her to the extent that incorporating its basics became essential in the planning of all her projects with Red Earth.

Having personally experienced the beneficial effects of living in a Vaastu compliant home cemented her belief in the science and became an intrinsic part of her work.

Vaastu is a science dealing with the magnetic field of the earth and the direction of the sun's rays which determines the spatial layout of any living space.

Therefore she chooses to use it's basic principles in all her designs as she truly believes that 'Everything is Energy' and channelizing energy in the right way, whether in a habitable structure or a human body is the key to eternal balance!