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India's timeless spiritual culture has it's Basis in the vedas. It's rich heritage of Spiritual traditions is carrying and Spreading the essence of India's anccient Wisdom to the world.

'Maitreyi', the vedic village, is primarily Developed as a 'retreat', close to Nature, to rejuvenate in peace, imbibe and Learn practical knowledge which will help enhance, bring quality and explore the Full potential of our individual as well As social lives


Traditional cottage style rooms ,each Named after a vedic saint, with unique Vaastu layout and eco friendly archi- Tecture.

Nestled in the foothills of the western ghats, known for their spiritual atmosphere, the retreat will be at 'maitreyi', the beautiful vedic village. We will be bringing in each day amidst vedic chants, surrounded by mango and coconut groves and the crystal clear air of this spectacular location in South India

Everyday there will be two yoga and meditation sessions, of two hours each, morning and evening alongwith an ayurvedic treatment.

The ayurvedic treatments are authentic, based on the traditional form and dependant on individual consultations from the skilled ayurvedic physician at maitreyi. Ayurveda is the sister science to the eight fold path of yoga. The purpose of practicing yoga, Meditation and ayurveda is to get rid of physical, mental and emotional obstacles by opening the energy pathways to align ourselves with the universe.

Hatha Yoga Sessions will be guided to lead the participants into exploring their strength, flexibility and follow their own pace while doing so.

The meditation sessions will be weaved in with breathwork for a complete harmony between the mind and body. They will be deeply invigoration and illuminating.

Ayurvedic Treatments known as Panchkarmas are purifying and rejuvenating. The treatments will use therapies using medicated herbal oils and milk preparations as per individual needs, determined by the physician.

The beautiful blend of yogic practice and cleansing treatments in the pristine, serene beauty at Maitreyi will create a unique environment for destressing and attaining a spiritual and mental balance. Maitreyi has a certified Organic Farm, with coconut plantations, mango orchards, and other fruits and vegetables. Maitreyi gardens have many Ayurvedic herbal and medicinal plants and greens including indigenous traditional Sholayar forest trees, wonderful natural areas adjoining the forests for walks and exercises.

There are limited spaces for this retreat, assuring personal attention for the Ayurveda treatments and Yoga and Meditation sessions.

Fee : BD 298 includes:

  • Transportation from Cochin airport to Maitreyi and Maitreyi back to Cochin.
  • 07 Nights/Days lodging at Maitreyi, in separate cottages with double accommodation –each spacious room has two twin beds, a private bathroom with western style toilets, hot water, shower and a porch.
  • Yoga and Meditation sessions, everyday for the days spent at Maitreyi
  • 2 lectures by the Vaidya at Maitreyi on the Ayurvedic 'Dincharya'/ intro to Ayurveda principles /Diet
  • A brief Vaastu tour within the campus to explain the basic tenets of this 'STHAPATHYA VEDA' science.
  • An introductory lecture on Transcendental Meditation by a senior International teacher.
  • 5 individually prescribed Ayurvedic treatments
  • The participants are also free to sit in the daily Rudraabhishek conducted by the Pandits at Maitreyi.
  • Gift of a small welcome pack with ayurveda basic essentials and a send off bag for all participants.
  • A small documentary [45 minutes] on Indian culture, traditions, saints, produced by BBC, after dinner.
  • 3 fresh, vegetarian meals per day
  • Excursion to a Gandhi orphanage
  • Excursion through tea plantations to a Hindu Temple and Valparai a tea plantation hill town in the stunningly beautiful mountains of the western ghats with an Indian lunch at an old English tea plantation.

The fee does not include :

  • Independent Taxi fare for Fort Cochin, from Maitreyi on the 21st, incase one chooses Option 2
  • Lodging at Hotel Arches, [or any of the other listed hotels ]in Fort Cochin on 21st -Meals at Fort Cochin
  • Taxi from Fort Cochin to the airport
February 28th
3:30 am Arrive at Cochin
4:30 am Bus for The Vedic Village, ride is 4 hours.
8:30 am Arrive at Maitreyi
9-10:00 am Freshen up, breakfast.
10-1:00 pm Settle into Maitreyi, ayurvedic consultations
1:00 pm Lunch
2-5:00 pm Free time
5:30 -7 pm Yin and restorative Yoga
7:00 pm Dinner
8:00 pm Sleep
March 1st -3rd
7:30 am Meditation
8:00 am Breakfast
9-11:00 am Freetime or Ayurvedic treatments
11-1:00 am Yoga –vinayasa /hatha, pranayama
1:00 pm Lunch
2-5:00 pm Freetime or Ayurvedic treatments
5:00-7 pm Yin or restorative Yoga, Pranayama ,meditation
7:00 pm Dinner
8-8:30 pm Chanting /meditation
March 4th
7:30 am Meditation
8:00 am Breakfast
9-11:00 am Ayurvedic treatments of free time
11-1:00 am Yoga-Vinayasa/ Hatha, Pranayama, meditation
1:00 pm Lunch
2-3:00 pm Ayurvedic treatments or free time
5:00-7 pm Yin or restorative Yoga, Pranayama ,meditation
4:00 pm Karma Yoga evening - Departure for Gandhi Orphanage to play, visit and share dinner with the children [35 minute drive from Maitreyi]
8:00pm Arrival back at Maitreyi
March 5th
7:30 am Meditation
8:00 am Breakfast
9:00 am Depart for Valparai Temple and tea plantation [excursion 1 hour drive from Maitreyi]
12:00 pm Lunch at tea plantation
5:00 pm Return to Maitreyi –Meditation, Yin and restorative Yoga
7:00 pm Dinner
March 6th (Option 1)
7:30 am Meditation
8:00 am Breakfast
9-11 am Free time or Ayurvedic treatments
1:00 pm Lunch
2:00-7 pm Depart for Cochin to stay at Fort Cochin
7:00 pm Check into Chiramel Residency at Fort Cochin
9:00 pm Dinner at the venue or
March 6th (Option 2)
7:30 am Meditation
8:00 am Breakfast
9:00-11 am Group Yagya ceremony with beautiful Sanskrit mantra chanting by Brahmin pandits to conclude the retreat.
11:00 - 4 pm Depart for Fort Cochin
4:00 pm Depart for Cochin to stay at Fort Cochin
5:00pm High Tea at the Homestay
9:00 pm Dinner at the venue or

To Register :- A non refundable, non transferable deposit of BD 100 upon registeration, balance of BD 198 due on January 25th 2017

Keeping in mind that 28th february -6th March 2017 is the not holiday season and most of us have commitments so it might be difficult to take the time out for both partners I do have another option available for 2017 December, if that interests anyone.

I am encouraging everyone to come with their partner or any other close family member/members with whom they wish to spend some fruitful time .

Need to get a minimum of 10 people to go through with this retreat and thought of March as it's a beautiful time of the year and a short rejuvenating retreat ,in an amazing setting might be just the thing required to set the pace for the rest of the year!

Would really appreciate if you can get back to me regarding which dates you would prefer, for this retreat, if it interests you enough

From my side, I can only reiterate the fact that this experience is going to be the most rejuvenating and enriching as I am hopelessly committed to my craft and believe that any yoga practitioner can enhance their practice in the wholesome environment offered at Maitreyi!