Everything is Energy

Going back to the roots,
To find that balance,
In all that we say,
In all that we do,
In how we live,
In how we breathe.

The journey is short,
The road is long,
A beautiful mind in a
healthy boady,
As we tread along.

Energy in our form,
Form through the energy,
Connecting our mind to the body
And the space around.
Delving into the ancient sciences,
Yoga and Ayurveda for the self,
Vastushastra for the occupied space,
Finding the internal balance,
Where form follows function

Come and experience 'yoga' with me
And take back that 'more
As there's so much more!
Yoga is Discipline ,
Yoga is Balance,
Yoga is Meditation,
Yoga is self expression
Yoga is being in the moment.
Discover for yourself
What it means to you