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" I 've always been impressed with Neel's deep knowledge of yoga as a science and a philosophy, and how this flows through her classes, and is passed on to the students. I have always been encouraged by her calm assurance & find her teaching methods motivating. Neel's yoga classes are the only place i can deeply experience personal physical and mental development as well as peace. "



" I have known Neel for almost 3 years,she is a very good yoga teacher.I like her way of teaching,she cares and takes time to show the correct positions.Neel is very dedicated and makes the lessons very enjoyable. My name is Catena Alyaqoob and i always look forward to attend her class at fitness first Riffa."



" Weather you are a beginner or an advanced yoga student Neel ensures that you get the most out of the class. I always enjoyed the physical asanas but with Neel's guidance I discovered how it can bring tranquility to the mind ! I enjoy her classes her passion for yoga reflects on you automatically ! "


HR /Administration Manager

" New to yoga I joined Neel's class back in November 2016. I have fallen in love with yoga and hate when I have to skip a week! Before I started yoga I was so stiff, but yoga has really helped in stretching out my muscles and making me much more flexible. Neel is a brilliant teacher, very positive and I particularly enjoy her end of class relaxation session. Give it a go, you will never look back "


housewife and passionate mom

" I ve been always in love with yoga and when I started my journey with Neel almost 2years ago, i learned a lot. I Her passion and dedication for what she s doing ,is definitely another level of inspiration for me. A yoga class with Neel is not only a class I look forward to,it s also a great way to start ur day,to stretch,to breath and take all the stress behind you Love allllllll ur classes "


Retired banker

" Neel is a professional yoga instructor. Her yoga class is just amazing you don't want to miss it. Thank you Neel!"


Corporate Banker

" Great support , great guidance and an excellent mentor . I have known Neelanjana for over 2 years now and never once have been disappointed she was always very supportive and attentive to my needs and was able to structure our sessions together accordingly. I have learned great things from her . She truly enjoys this exquisite practice and is a true follower to the teachings. So happy to have her in my world! "



" Yoga, Yoga, Yoga ... Yoga is something extremely amazing with you Mrs. Neel. You show me how flexible my body is, so i can be in life. (Yoga is freedom and release, you help us to find this release so we can be comfortable and competently move our bodies through life). Yoga with you is a great relationship we built between the body, the mind, and the breath. All the best with every single step you take and make. "


Yoga, Body Balance, Body Pump and Group Exercise Teacher

" Have known Neelanjana not only as a fellow yoga teacher but she is a very good friend. The rapport we had ,spanned from going to classes to deepen our knowledge to practising what we learnt. One thing that I deeply appreciate in Neel is that she is never hesitant either to share what she knows ,to sharing even what she has ..,, to sometimes the sharing extended into ,,us,barging into her living space for practices. Well ,should there be a need to enhance for a such a spirited caring person,as a yoga teacher she always was, is updated keen on looking and learning and teaching more. All the best Neel, glad for a space to share about you.Always with fond remembrance. "


Medical Professional

"Dear Mrs Neel,
I would like to thank you for your big effort for us in Yoga class , every week we are so excited to attand Yoga class on wednesday, because the way you experes yoga is very attractive. In the last Meditation uder the moon we had a good moment of relaxation and peace of mind, the white rose we had, gave the imperssion of peace and purity. Best Wishes "



" Neels classes are very enjoyable she manages to focus on everyone in the class, a wide variety of routines and a very positive energy that keeps you going back."

BER Carton

Sports Therapist

" I have attended Neels yoga classes at The Sports Training Center in Saar since January! I love the class and the variety she offers within each lesson! She is very clear and supportive in her instruction and I feel so much more flexible and my mobility has really improved. Ending the class, we always have relaxation which is sooo good! This class has helped me through a very hard time in my life and I am always disappointed if I can't make the class! You should do yoga with Neel!! She is amazing! "


Medical Student

" I'm not sure how a single class can be both relaxing and revitalizing at the same time, but that's how yoga with Neel feels. By the end of the class, I feel like I have so much life and energy, while also feeling destressed and more in touch with myself. It's a perfect blend of challenging poses, deep breathing and mindful meditation. Classes with Neel have helped me develop my yoga practice, and I find the benefits spilling into other aspects of my life both physically and mentally. Neel's classes have become a vital part of my routine, and I make time for it no matter how hectic life gets. "


Taikewondo Teacher

" Through training and attending classes, I have gained a lot of experience in yoga and learned new movements I was not sure I would learn, but after attending classes I was able to master them and learn them easily. It is a pleasure that you are my trainer. "



" Yoga classes with Neel are highly beneficial and educative. You get to practice a wide variety of poses and learn about their effect on different parts of the body. Neel is a brilliant instructor. She puts a lot of effort to spread knowledge of yoga and to share her experience with others. She pays a lot of attention to her students and makes sure they do each pose correctly or at least be close to it. When I first joined yoga classes with Neel I knew nothing about yoga but I kept attending and never gave up. Now, after less than a year I can see improvement and feel the difference. Yoga classes with Neel are highly recommended.Thank you Neel "



" My favorite yoga instructor EVER! Great energy, beautiful light and amazing person. She inspires me to push myself to be an instructor. "



" I was happily living my unhealthy life when one fine day, Neelanjana walked into my life. Whoa...was this what people refer to as divine intervention?? With her disarming smile, her calm demeanor, her gentle way of talking and persuasive powers, she convinced me to start the yoga practice, give it a try at least. She said that that was the least that I owed my God gifted body. How right she was!! She guided me gently but firmly, challenging me to explore my own unexplored strengths and she encouraged me to reconnect with not only my body, but even to the innermost core of my soul, my being, my very existence. She is a committed teacher, very gentle, very motivating, very positive and a dynamite of energy. She knows her subject through and through and her passion for yoga and the healthy lifestyle which it promotes is infectious! She also is a living example for her students, with her perfect ship shaped body, the peace that she exudes and the happiness which she instinctively spreads. I am a convert for life and thanks to her, probably, only because of her, look forward to my yoga classes. She has helped me to reconnect myself with my body and to a happy world. May God give her a ling, beautiful and healthy life. A teacher par excellence!!"



" Thank you Neel for the amazing experience for the yoga retreat. I'm lucky to know such a wonderful person like you with a pure heart and professional performance. Can't wait for the next trip"



" With many yoga classes I have done in the last 2 years with different instructors I have found Neel to be the best among all based on her many variety poses she has presented and learned more about yoga which inspired me to continue doing yoga which also made me feel stronger & healthier. "


Retired Banker

" When Ms Neel asked me to write a feed back on her yoga classes, I didn't hesitate to do so. And I am pleased to say that : she is one of a few instructors that I really admire and enjoy doing yoga with. I joined her classes last year, and tried my best not to miss out any. She is professional, knowledgeable in her field, and patient, takes the time to explain and makes sure the posture is done properly to the best of each student's ability, considering their health issues. I do enjoy the friendly environment of her classes. And wish her all the best and success."



" Neel's positive energy and passion for yoga and meditation is quite visible and infectious ! She puts her heart out in every class for everyone to get the most ,both physically and spiritually."



" Impossible is just a big word thrown by us. One small move in Yoga can change our thoughts. Not trying to be perfect just trying to be better than we were yesterday. After practicing Yoga with you, I've learned that everything is possible."


Grandmother & passionate yogi!

" I have experienced the yoga classes with the coach Neel on weekly basis, it is a very inspiring class. I always get a great enjoyment during the class and positive feeling at the end of it. Techniques used in the class movement improved my body flexibility. Thank you coach LAYLA "



" I had an opportunity to do a yoga class with Neelanjana. It was such a wonderful experience, she was so gentle , clear with her instruction and she was sensitive to each person"s need and kept pace accordingly. Would love to do a workshop with her whenever she has one. "



" Journey started 4 months ago when I was at the verge of losing hope of recovering from back and knee pain due to multiple surgeries at these areas . With strong determination I decided to change both my lifestyle and diet regimen. I was advised by my doctors to join a yoga class so I joined yoga classes at Fitness First with Our yoga Instructor Neel .. Through the past 4 months with her I have observed significant improvement in my balance and posture . In addition to the joy and sensation of happiness and relaxation mode I reach by the end of each class .. In conclusion I would like to thank Neel for her continuous support and encouragement to all the members of our yoga class . I would highly recommend Neel , as she is a perfect yoga teacher .."


Yoga, Pilates, Body Balance and Tai Chi Teacher, Health Coach

" J It's been over a decade we have been friends. The passion Neel carries for yoga or any other subject is immense and her willingness to keep learning is what I love about her. She is a wonderful teacher and a guide who loves to share her knowledge with her students. I highly recommend her classes for her knowledge, experience and attitude."



" My guru, my yoga teacher, very good, very skillfull, very understanding, very helpful teacher. I feel I was very lucky to practice with her. My body has opened and I have learned a lot. I did Hatha Yoga and was very satisfied to learn the asanas. During the class she explained very well with patience and kindly attitude all the asanas. She has this ability to understand your body and to manage our flexibility. She knows pretty well our limits and how to go to our limits. I enjoyed also to be in a small group. I enjoyed very much to discover all the philosophy of Yoga and shared the good advice given by her. Neelanjana is an encyclopedia of Yoga philosophy, highly skilled, perceptive and empathetic teacher. She can teach you the depth and breath within yoga. Her class is full of grace and humor! "